Drive down your customer acquisition costs using the power of authentic story telling made by real users of your products. It's far more authentic and relatable than branded content.

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How it works

We provide an an entirely done for you system that turns UGC and Influencer Marketing into a scalable channel for your business

Influencer sourcing

We search for 100s of relevant micro-influencers (3-50k followers) each month and vet them for their content creation abilities and engagement rates.

Outreach and Seeding

We reach out offering your product/s as a gift, arrange shipping to influencers that accept, and handle all follow ups and ongoing communication.

Organic Posting

Some of the gift recipients will post about your brand, delivering dozens of organic posts and building brand awareness with 100,000s of impressions to potential customers without any paid media costs.

Paid Media Boosting

We’ll negotiate use of the influencer’s posts in paid ads, usually at no extra cost, and manage your ad accounts using the new UGC content that sets you apart.

Affiliate Partnerships

We invite some of the creators to join your affiliate network to help drive long term value. We support you in keeping in touch with them and nurturing long term partnerships.

A community of creators who understand social media

Drive down your customer acquisition costs by combining a stream of authentic user generated content with proven paid social strategies

Lower your CAC with scroll stopping user generated content

The greatest value of working with influencers is their ability to create unique content, rather than their ability to distribute that content to their audience. Social media users have moved past glossy lifestyle images, and these days engage far more with relatable, real-life content.

Take your creative testing to a whole new level

Instead of paying out hundreds or thousands per influencer collaboration, product seeding enables you to build an entire library of engaging, unique and real life content, with the main cost being the COGS.

ROAS and purchases, not likes and comments

We specialise in redistributing your influencer content using Facebook and TikTok Ads, using paid media. We can guarantee this approach will outperform the ROAS vs your own self promoting content. We’re judging your performance based on actual sales and ROAS, not just vanity metrics likes and comments.

Prashant Sugand

Gro have been a joy to work with unlike other agencies I've dealt with, their pricing is reasonable and they are results focused, always on the lookout for client success. They started helping with PPC 7 months ago and are now also advising across our SEO and CRO strategy. Always willing to help and going the extra mile. Big shoutout to Saleem and his team!

Prashant Sugand

Director, ReleaseOps

Sarah Malik

Saleem and the Gro Media team worked with us to improve the digital performance of our law practice internationally. The Gro Media team is accessible, delivers and does what they say. We would highly recommend them to anyone who is looking to go on a similar journey or to improve their digital channels, website and whole online strategy.

Sarah Malik

Director, SOL International

Adam Gleicher

Gro were a pleasure to work with, they got our London launch Campaigns across PPC, app installs, display and other channels off the ground and were able to beat our performance in other markets. They were communicative and a thoughtful strategic partner, even assisting with user experience and CRO. This is a highly recommend team to work with!

Adam Gleicher

Head of Growth, Roomi

Boris Jacquin

I first met Gro while they were consulting for HC over a pan-EMEA Google project. Then they conducted a large multi-language PPC campaign for the FIFA World Cup, resulting in a strong ROI. I recently hired them for various projects for Nando’s Australia. Projects were always on time, on cost and beyond expectations. I can only speak highly of Saleem and his team and would not hesitate one second to recommend them.

Boris Jacquin

Head of Digtal, Herbalife | OleOle | Nando’s

Jacqui Cleaver

Our website has gone from strength to strength and Saleem has broken no end of boundaries saving us money and adhering to targets he set out to accomplish for us. I have already recommended Saleem to other associates in very different industries and they too have found Saleem to be a massive asset to their company. Gro not only gets results but they are adaptable and a pleasure to work with.

Jacqui Cleaver

Director, New You

Natasha Davids

Gro Media and I did business together whilst I was working for Bigmouthmedia. They created a display campaign for a large client that I was managing. They were highly professional to deal with and the whole build was done in an exceptionally quick time. The brief was adhered to and the results were fantastic! Some of the click rates were the highest the client had ever had. I would certainly recommend them.

Natasha Davids

Associate Director, Big Mouth Media

Why us?

Drive down your customer acquisition costs using a constant stream of authentic content

We handle the full system

We provide a fully done for you UGC marketing system, from discovery, vetting, outreach, inbox management, fulfilment, paid media, affiliate partnerships - all fully handled for you.

We deliver incredible value

Influencer agencies charge thousands, then you still need a paid media manager on top for thousands more. We provide both of these services in a harmonious way for a significantly lower cost.

We know our stuff

We’ve managed 8 figures in ad spend and run large scale influencer campaigns, working with clients like Herbalife, Dubai Tourism and even TikTok itself, as well as dozens of awesome small businesses.

Ready to Gro?

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Can we pay content creators instead of gifting?

Yes, we can discuss this if appropriate.

Who owns the data?

We are fully transparent and you will own the data and relationships.

How does reporting work?

Your live campaign spreadsheet will show the performance of your ad campaigns, a list of outreach for that month, everyone we’ve sent products to, and a Google Drive link to the downloaded influencer posts.

What if I already work with an ad agency or freelancer that we’re happy with?

Were happy to work alongside them or focus on the UGC paid boosting aspect.

How do you select the influencers / content creators?

The influencers we target will have 3-50K followers, a genuine engaged audience, and will be carefully selected and analysed to ensure they’re relevant to your brand. You can also give us feedback on the influencers we find throughout the process, to ensure we’re always building quality partnerships.

Can we approve the outreach list?

Yes, we will give you 5 working days to review the list before starting the outreach each month.

What products do we send?

We’ll work with you to devise the best strategy on what to send in order to maximise the number of posts we’re receiving from influencers.

What are your terms?

We invoice upfront on a monthly basis. Cancel anytime with 30 days notice, though we suggest giving it at least 3 months to pick up traction. The posts will start coming through in volume from month 2 onwards.

Who owns the content rights?

The creator does, but most will give permission for use in ads for 1-3 months since it helps them to gain reach, especially if they are being paid a cut via your affiliate program.

Who ships the goods out?

We place orders on your website using 100% coupon codes, or we can add the details to a spreadsheet for you to process. Alternatively, you can send the goods to us and we can personalise / handle it.